Expanding a Symbol

You can use the Expand Symbol command to extract a symbol's content and place it on the root timeline. The symbol will not be removed from the Timeline view. Its content will be copied and inserted into the root timeline. The symbol's layers will be parented to it in case you created motions and transformation on the drawing layer that is containing the symbol. Breaking the hierarchy could result in loosing any scaling and animation you may have done.

You can also expand a symbol within a group to avoid crowding your Timeline with a series of layers. When you will expand the symbols, the layers will be contained in a Group module which you can expand to see the content.

To expand a symbol:

1. In the Timeline view, select the symbol to expand.

2. In the top menu, select Edit > Expand Symbol or press [Shift] + [F8].

To expand a symbol in a group:

1. In the Timeline or Network view, select the symbol module or symbol cell you want to expand.

2. In the top menu, select Edit > Expand Selected Symbol in a Group.
3. In the Timeline view, click on the Plus sign to see the Group content. In the Network view, click on the Expand Arrow to enter the group.