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Importing a Template with Symbols

Sometimes a characters rig is not a straightforward matter. Rigs, which are usually saved as templates, can contain symbols, such as a leg that was made with a patch. However, a symbol does not work in the same way as an action template. In the Timeline view, you can add an Action template into another template of the same structure. When a symbol is dropped into the right side of the timeline layer into a symbol of the same structure, instead of adding itself onto the previous symbol, the new symbol becomes a copy.

To take more control of how the action template will behave when brought into the Timeline view, bring it in using a Paste Special.

To import a template with symbols:

1. Select the action template containing symbols from the right side of the Library view.
2. As you drag it from the Library view to the right side of the Timeline view to drop it next to a template with the exact same rig, hold down [Alt] (Windows) or [⌘] (Mac OS X).

The Paste Special window appears.

3. Click on the Advanced tab.
4. Select one of the following options from the Symbols drop-down menu:

Copy symbols if they do not exist: This is the default setting for this operation and will prevent symbols in an action template from being copied.
Duplicate symbols: Select this option if you wish to make copies of the symbols in your template.
Overwrite symbols: If for some reason, a modification was made to a symbol in the action template that does not exist in the basic rig template for a character, select this option to overwrite the previous symbol.

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