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Copying and Pasting Animation

As you animate you will find that you may reuse a lot of positions, drawings and keys. However, you may only want to paste the drawings, or just the keys or maybe everything. There are different paste options available in the Timeline view which will give you the maximum flexibility when reusing and pasting.

There are three different modes for pasting your selection:

Paste Mode: All Drawing Attributes
Pastes the drawing exposure and keyframes.
Paste Mode: Keyframes Only
Pastes only the keyframes.
Paste Mode: Exposures Only
Pastes only the drawing exposure.

To paste a selection using different modes

1. In the Timeline view, select the cells (or symbol cells) you want to copy and paste.

2. Select Edit > Copy cells from the Timeline.
3. In the Timeline view's left side, enable the desired Paste mode.
4. In the Timeline view's right side, select the cell where you want to paste your selection.

5. Select Edit > Paste Cells in the Timeline.
Note these modes also apply when you use drag instead of copy/ paste.

Paste Mode: All Drawing Attributes

Paste Mode: Keyframes Only

Paste Mode: Exposures Only

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