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Sound Preferences

When working with sound in Animate Pro, you can set some preferences to help you work more efficiently.

Show Sound Waveform

Enable this option if you would like to see your imported sound's waveform in the Timeline view.

You can always toggle the visibility of the waveform in the Timeline view by adding the Show Sound Waveform button from the Toolbar Manager. This button will work whether you have the Show Sound Waveform option enabled or disabled in the Preferences panel.

Analog Sound Scrubbing

Enable this option to switch from digital to analog sound scrubbing.

Analog Jog Speed

Choose a value between 1-20 for the Analog Jog Speed. The greater the jog speed value, the slower you can scrub to have the sound play at an average pace. This controls how sensitive you would like the jog slider or dial to be.

Analog Jog Dampening

Choose a value between 1-100 for the Analog Jog Dampening. The greater the value, the less precise the software is at responding to the jog's changes in speed. However, he greater the value, the more smooth the play back is using the job slider or dial.