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User Interface

This section takes you through the most common elements of the User Interface. Throughout the user guide, you will learn about each view and toolbar and how and where to use them:

Views and Toolbars
Interface Highlights

Toon Boom Animate Pro has several views and toolbars. The Top toolbars are available at the top of the interface and the View toolbars are in individual windows. View toolbars are only shown if the particular view is displayed in the workspace.

This is a complete list of the views and toolbars available in Toon Boom Animate Pro.


Camera View

Colour View

Coordinates and Control Points View

Drawing View

Function View

Layer Properties View

Library View

Message Log View

Model View

Module Library View

Network View

Perspective View

Script Editor View

Side View

Timeline View

Tool Preset View

Tool Properties View

Top View

Xsheet View

Top Toolbars

Advanced Animation Toolbar

Control Point Toolbar

Coordinate Toolbar

Deformation Toolbar

Display Toolbar

Easy Flipping Toolbar

Edit Toolbar

File Toolbar

Flip Toolbar

Library Toolbar

Mark Drawing Toolbar

Onion Skin Toolbar

Playback Toolbar

Rendering Toolbar

Scripting Toolbar

Tools Toolbar

Tool Presets Toolbar

Workspace Toolbar


View Toolbars

Camera View Toolbar

Colour View Toolbar

Deformation Toolbar

Drawing View Toolbar

Model View Toolbar

Timeline View Toolbar

Xsheet View Toolbar

Network View Toolbar


It’s important that you become familiar with the following elements of the user interface, this will help you to start using Toon Boom Animate Pro. You can learn more about the highlights described here, and how to use them in a production context, throughout this guide.

When you start Toon Boom Animate Pro for the first time, the default workspace is displayed. It contains all of the main elements you need to use.

1. Camera View
2. Tools Toolbar
3. Tool Properties View
4. Timeline View
5. Menus
6. Colour View
7. Library View
8. Playback Toolbar

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