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Animation Paths

Movement is the essence of creating an animation; it is essentially what animation is: bringing drawings to life. Sometimes this movement comes from the characters or objects themselves, while other times, it is the camera moving through elements set-up on the camera "stage". Often these movements can be complex, such as a helicopter moving across the screen with its rotor blades rotating, as the helicopter disappears into the distance, it appears to get smaller in size as it recedes in space. Although this seems like a simple motion, you must coordinate three movements to produce the correct effect.

The sophisticated systems integrated in Toon Boom Animate Pro have been specifically developed to accommodate the your complex motion needs.

Topics Covered

Animating a Layer
Differences between Pegs and Animated Layers
Adding and Deleting Keyframes
Motion and Stop-motion Keyframes
Animating the Camera
Modifying a Path in the Camera View
Modifying a Path in the Timeline View
Modifying a Path in the Function View
Modifying a Path in the Xsheet View
Function Curves
Copying and Pasting a Motion
Adjusting the Ease
Expression Columns
Animation Path Preferences