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Cut-out Animation Preferences

When looking for additional control over your Min/Max Angle when using Inverse Kinematics, you can find some help in the preference panel.

You will find the preferences listed under the following tab:


To open the Preferences panel:

Windows: Select Edit > Preferences.
Mac OS X: Select Animate Pro > Preferences.
The keyboard shortcut is [Ctrl] + [U] (Windows) or [⌘] + [U] (Mac OS X).

Inverse Kinematics

Min/Max Angle Constraint Weight: This value acts similar to the Stiffness setting in the Inverse Kinematics Properties panel. This preference only affects the minimum and maximum angle values set using the Min/Max Angle Mode . The greater the value is, the stronger your need to move the body part to approach the minimum and maximum values set. Although the maximum value goes up to 1.0, in a production setting, the most practical value to use would be closer to 0.1.

When you want to set the default layer type to only accept motion information through the use of a peg, you can find some help in the preference panel.

Animate Using Animation Tools

Element Module “Animate Using Animation Tools” Default Value: If you know that you prefer to work in the style of version 7.3 or earlier, or if you intend to substitute many drawings throughout your animation, you might wish to uncheck the Animate Using Animation Tools Default Value option. This way, you will not have to do it every time (through the Layer Properties) for each new drawing layer that you create.