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Previewing and Playing Back Effects

To preview your effects, you will have to perform a quick render. Effects must be calculated before they can be viewed in real time.

To preview your effects:

1. In the Playback toolbar, press the Render and Play button.

The Play module opens and loads the frames.

2. Once the frames are loaded, press the Play button in the Play window.

To make your previews calculate faster, you may want to render them out at a smaller resolution. You can use the Preview Resolution command so you will not have to modify the resolution of your scene every time you make a check preview.

The Preview Resolution command allows you to quickly ask for a preview at either a quarter, half or three-quarter of the scene resolution. You can even customize the preview resolution size.

To use the Preview Resolution command:

1. In the top menu, select View > Preview Resolution.
2. From the drop-down menu, select either Same as Scene Resolution, 3/4 of Scene Resolution, 1/2 of Scene Resolution, 1/3 of Scene Resolution, 1/4 of Scene Resolution or Custom.

If you selected the Custom option, the Custom Preview Resolution dialog box opens.

3. In the dialog box, select a resolution from the presets or type a new X-Y value.
4. Click on the OK button.
5. Preview your effects animation.

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