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Ordering Layers Over Time

The layer ordering system in Animate Pro saves time and simplifies your work. There is no need to create a new layer or copy and paste artwork into other layers to change the order. The Z-axis (forward/backward) allows you to create a multiplane and move elements closer or farther from the camera. This allows the puppet’s pieces to be moved in front of or behind the other ones without physically changing the layer position.

Animate Pro provides you with a shortcut to move the piece with a micro nudge on the Z-axis. A keyframe is created where different Z values can be entered. This allows for the piece to move forward and backwards in space without you having to change the drawing’s original position or break the layer hierarchy.

This also means that the layer ordering is maintained throughout the scene. You can combine animation assets so the system can interpolate them.

To nudge elements on the Z-axis:

1. In the Tools toolbar, select the Transform tool or press [Shift] + [T].
2. In the Tools toolbar, click the Animate button.
3. In the Camera View, click on the part to be repositioned and hold down the [Alt] key. Using the [Up] or [Down] arrow keys, nudge the part until it moves to the desired position.

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