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Drawing with the Brush Tool

The Brush tool is pressure sensitive and can create a contour shape which gives a thick and thin line effect, as if the drawing was made with a brush.

To draw with the Brush tool:

1. In the Timeline or Xsheet view, select the cell on which you want to draw.
In Harmony Paint, select a drawing in the Drawing panel.

2. In the Tools toolbar, select the Brush tool or press [Alt] + [B].
3. In the Colour view, click a colour swatch to select a colour.

4. In the Drawing or Camera view, start drawing.
Hold [Ctrl] (Windows) or [⌘] (Mac OS X) to force a line to join the end and start of your shape while drawing.

The last colour you select while using the Brush tool is recalled the next time you select the Brush tool.

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