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Drawing with Shapes

In Toon Boom Animate Pro, you can use the shape tools to draw with circles, lines and squares. You can also easily reshape a square or circle into a much more complex drawing such as these butterfly wings.

Refer to Reshaping a Drawing Using the Contour Editor Tool and Reshaping Pencil Lines with the Pencil Editor Tool topics to learn more about the Contour Editor and Pencil Editor tools.

To draw with a Shape tool:

1. In the Timeline or Xsheet view, select the cell where you want to draw.
2. In the Tools toolbar, select a shape tool.
3. In the Tool Properties view, you can switch between the different shapes mode.. Select either the Ellipse or Rectangle tool.
4. In the Camera view, click and drag your mouse to draw the shape.

Hold down [Shift] to lock the rectangle or the ellipse ratio to 1:1.
Hold down [Alt] to draw the rectangle or ellipse from its centre.
Hold down [Shift] to snap the line every 15 degrees.
Hold down [Alt] to snap the starting or end point of the line to a close by stroke.
5. Use the Contour Editor tool to deform your shape and create your drawing.

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