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Reshaping Pencil Lines with the Pencil Editor Tool

The Pencil Editor tool is used to modify the thick and thin contour of a pencil line. A pencil line is a central vector shape. The shape control points are located all along the central spine allowing to adjust the stroke curve and position. When using the Contour Editor tool, you will be able to reposition the spine of the stroke. When using the Pencil Editor tool, you will be able to adjust the thick and thin areas of the line.

To use the Pencil Editor tool:

1. In the Tools toolbar, select the Pencil Editor tool located in the Contour Editor drop-down menu or press [Alt] + [W].
2. In the Camera or Drawing view, select a pencil line and click the line to reshape it.

3. Select one or several points by clicking them or circling around.

4. Press [Delete] to delete a selected point.
5. Press [Ctrl] (Windows) or [⌘] (Mac OS X) and click the central spine to add a set of points to adjust the contour.
6. To modify the shape, you can:
Move the selected points to a new area. If you select matching points on each side of the line, holding the Shift key will move them both. This way you can thicken or thin a line from both side at the same time.

Pull on the Bezier handle. Both points’ handles will move as one.

Hold [Alt] down and pull on one of the Bezier handles. The point’s handle will move independently from the other one.

Pull directly on the line in-between two points. No selection is necessary. Holding down the [Shift] key will limit the contour modification to the curve between the two first points.

If an anchor point has no visible Bezier, hold down the [Alt] key to get them.

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