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3D Camera Motion

Once you have a 3D set, the exciting part is to do a camera motion in it. This section teaches you the main steps required to perform a 3D camera motion. Once you know how to do this you can enjoy the delights of working in 3D space and travelling through your creations!

To create a 3D camera motion:

1. In the Tool toolbar, enable the Animate mode.
2. In the Timeline view, click on the Add Layers button and select Camera to add a camera to your scene.

3. In the Timeline view, select the new camera layer.
4. In the Timeline Layer toolbar, click on the Add Peg button to add a parent peg to the camera.
5. In the Timeline view, double-click on the new peg layer to open the Layer Properties dialog box.

6. In the Layer Properties dialog box, go to the Transformation tab and check off the Enable 3D option.

7. In the Rotation section, enable the Quaternion option.
8. In the Perspective view, click on the Show/Hide Camera button to see your camera cone.
9. Setup your workspace to display the Camera view and Perspective view at the same time so you can compare the results.

10. In the Tools toolbar, select the Transform tool.
11. In the Timeline view, select the Camera-Peg layer first frame and select Insert > Keyframe.

12. In the Timeline view, select the Camera-Peg layer.

13. In the Timeline view, go to the last frame.

14. In the Perspective view, grab one of the rotation ellipses and rotate the camera on one axis only. Always do one axis at a time, this keeps control of the positioning.

15. Once the camera is rotated in the correct angle, grab one of the direction arrows to move the camera to the correct position.

In order to see a playback of your 3D camera moves, you must be in the Perspective view.

To enable the playback mode in 3D:

1. In the top menu, select Play > Enable Playback > Perspective View.
2. In the Playback toolbar, press the Play button to see the results.

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