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In Toon Boom Animate Pro, many powerful tools, views and features are available so you can design, draw and animate with ease. This chapter explains the main assets needed when drawing and animating in the software as well as tips on how to start and use these tools efficiently.

Topics Covered 

How to Draw
Tool Properties View
Drawing View
Camera View
Drawing with the Brush or the Pencil
Working with Tool Presets
Viewing the Final Lines as you Draw
Drawing Using the Pencil Tool
Drawing with the Brush Tool
Drawing with Line Texture
Selecting Drawing Objects
Erasing Parts of a Drawing
Reshaping a Drawing Using the Contour Editor Tool
Reshaping Pencil Lines with the Pencil Editor Tool
Drawing with Shapes
Drawing with the Polyline Tool
Drawing Using Invisible Lines
Deforming a Drawing Using the Perspective Tool
Cutting Drawing Parts
Smoothing Lines
Working With Text
Override Tool
More Drawing Tools
Drawing Pivot Tool
Drawing Preferences