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Layer and Column Concepts

In order to understand what happens when you duplicate a drawing, extend an exposure, create cycles or delete a drawing, it is important to know how a layer works.

Each layer is linked to a directory, this is the location where all of that layers' drawings are saved. This directory has the same name as the layer. When a value or drawing name is typed in a layer’s cell, the system looks in the layer’s directory for the corresponding drawing to display. If there is no corresponding drawing, a new one is created.

The layer’s cells are not used for storage, but are linked to the drawings contained in the layer’s directory. If you remove a drawing from the layer exposure, it is not deleted, but is simply not displayed.

When you create a drawing cycle, all of the repeated drawings are linked to the same original files. This means that when you modify, repaint or correct a drawing named “1,” all drawings named “1” are updated simultaneously. In order to modify a drawing independently from its other exposures, you must duplicate the drawing.

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