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Flip and Easy Flipping Toolbars


Toon Boom Animate Pro provides a Flip feature which allows you to rapidly flip through the drawings as one would with paper drawings. You can flip through the Key, Breakdown or In-between drawings individually, or view a combination.
The Flipping features only work in the Drawing view.

To flip through your drawings:

1. In the top menu, select Window > Toolbars > Easy Flipping and Flip.


2. In the Easy Flipping toolbar, click on the Previous or Next button to see the previous or next drawing of your animation.
3. Enable the Loop option to loop your animation during the flip. This way, when you reach the end of your animation, the first drawings will show up again.

4. Move the slider to the right to flip forward and to the left to flip backward through your drawings.

The more that you move the slider to the left or the right, the faster the drawings will flip.
5. If you marked some of your drawings as Key, Breakdown or In-between, you can flip through the markers and avoid seeing all the in-betweens. Enable the Flip Key, Breakdown or In-between option in the Flip toolbar, to see only one type or a combination. See Drawing Identification.

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