QuickTime Movie

To export a QuickTime movie, you need to adjust few settings in the Write module’s Properties.

To export a QuickTime movie from a Write module:

1. In the Network view, open the Write module’s editor by clicking on its Properties button.

2. In the Output tab, select the Movie option to create a movie file.

3. Click Choose and browse to the desired directory to save the output.
You can also use the default directory to save in the default Frames folder included in the scene folder.
4. In the File name field, name the output file. You do not need to write the file format extension.

5. In the Movie Options field, click Customize to open the Movie Settings dialog box.

6. In the Movie Settings dialog box, in the Video section, click on the Settings button to set your video options.

7. Click OK.
8. In the Movie Settings dialog box, in the Sound section, click Settings to set your audio options.

9. Click OK and Close.

The project will not start rendering yet. These are only the settings. You can still modify your scene.

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