Rigging the Parts

You can start your deformation rig by creating the Bones on the character’s arms and legs.

To rig the arms and legs of the character turnaround:

1. In the Timeline view, make sure that the time marker is set to the frame displaying your first drawing.
2. In the Network view, select your character’s arm or leg.

3. In the Deformation toolbar, select the Rigging tool.
4. To create a Bones and Articulations structure:
Click on the extremity corresponding to the shoulder or hip of the limb and release to create the first rotation point.
Click again in the middle of the limb where the elbow or knee is located to create the first articulation.
Click one last time at the end of the limb, where the wrist or ankle rests to create the second bone.
5. In the Timeline view, move the time marker to display the frame with the next pose of that drawing element.
6. Repeat the previous steps until all of the element‘s different poses are rigged, then begin the whole process again for each limb. Although it is recommended to keep consistency in your rigging of different poses in the same element, you can choose a different type of rig for each pose if necessary.

Once you create a chain, you can modify it’s position and orientation using the Setup Mode and Transform tool. Refer to the topic Optimizing the Skeleton to learn how.

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