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Setting the Performance Preferences

There are some preferences that you must set in order to work efficiently with the Deformation effects. Do the following:

Setting up the performance preferences:

1. Open the Preferences panel:
Windows: Select Edit > Preferences.
Mac OS X: Select Animate Pro > Preferences.
Or press [Ctrl] + [U] (Windows) or [⌘] + [U] (Mac OS X).
2. Choose the OpenGL tab.
3. In the Settings section:
Enable the Use Hardware Vertex Texture Fetching if Available preference.
This preference is disabled by default, however it is strongly recommended that you enable it before using the deformers. If your CPU and graphic card allow it, the system will use vertex shaders to considerably help the process of deformation.
4. In the Real-Time Antialiasing section:

Make sure the Real-Time Antialiasing options are disabled. Uncheck the Enable checkbox.

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