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Camera Preferences


Initial Animation Mode: Determines which animation mode are enabled when the scene is opened.
Set Keyframes on All Functions With the Transform tool: A keyframe is added by default on all the functions of the selected layer when you perform a transformation with the transform tool. Disable this option if you want the Transform tool to add a keyframe only on the transformation you are doing, such as a rotation or scale.
Set Keyframe At Frame One With First Application On the Transform Tool: When this preference is enabled, wherever you set a keyframe on your layer, there will be a keyframe added on your frame 1. If the preference is disabled, there will be only a keyframe added to the current frame. If later on, you add a keyframe on your frame one, it may modify the first keyframe you added.

Control Points

Show Control Points On Selected Layer: By default, when you select an element with the Transform tool, the motion path related to the object is displayed.
Control Point Tension: The default Tension value for new keyframes and Control Points.
Control Point Continuity: The default Continuity value for new keyframes and Control Points.
Control Point Bias: The default Bias value for new keyframes and Control Points.

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