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Looping a Sound

To repeat a sound, specify the number of times that you want it to loop in the Sound Element editor.

To loop a sound sample:

1. Either double-click the sound layer name in the Timeline view or the sound column header in the Xsheet view to open the Sound Element editor.
2. From the Sound Element panel, select the sound section that you want to loop.
3. In the Current Sound panel, type the number of times you want the sound to play in the Number of Loops field.

4. Press on the [Enter/Return] key. The looped sound appears after the current sound. They are indicated by their grey waveforms, as opposed to black.

When you loop a sound, the looped sections fill the cells in the sound element (column or layer) until the next sound sample starts or until the scene ends. This means that the looping could effectively get cut if the next sound sample starts too soon, or if the scene ends too quickly.

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