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Distribute To Layers

In some instances, due to an optimization enhancement in the exported SWF file (CS4), some of the layers might be combined as a single layer. In that case, use the Distribute to Layers feature to quickly redistribute these elements onto individual layers again.

To distribute to layer:

1. In the Tools toolbar, click on the Select tool.
2. In the Camera view, select the drawing you want to redistribute the elements from. To select the all the elements of the selected drawing layer, press [Ctrl] + [A] (Windows) or [⌘] + [A] (Mac OS X).
3. From the top menu, select Drawing > Distribute to Layers. You can also click on the Distribute to Layers button in the Select tool’s Tool Properties view.

The number of drawing layers corresponding to the different grouped elements are created in the Timeline view.

The selected elements in the original drawing layer will be removed.
Each element will be distributed into each new drawing layer.
4. Repeat the process for every drawing you need to distribute the element from.

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