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You can change the colours for the Onion Skin for Other Elements option.

Edit Colours for Onion Skin in Other Elements

To change the onion skin display colour:

1. In the Preferences panel, go to the General tab.
2. In the General tab, click on the Edit Colours button.
3. In the Edit Colours window, go to the Drawing tab.
4. In the Drawing tab, in the Onion Skin section, click on the colour swatch of the onion skin display you want to change.
5. In the Colour Picker window, select the colour.
6. Click OK to confirm the colour.
7. Click OK to confirm and close the Edit Colours window.
8. Click OK to confirm the changes and close the Preferences panel.
Refer to Enabling the Onion Skin in Other Layers to learn more about the Onion Skin for other Layers option.

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