Reposition All Drawings


The Reposition All Drawings option is used to reposition, scale, rotate or skew all drawing strokes on every drawing included in a layer.

To reposition all drawings:

1. In the Tools toolbar, select the Reposition All Drawings tool. This also automatically selects every stroke in your drawing in the Drawing and Camera view.

2. To deform or reposition a selection:
To reposition, click and drag your selection to a new area.

To rotate, rotate the selection box handle.

To scale, pull or push either on the top, side, bottom or corner control points. Hold down [Shift] to lock the selection’s ratio.

To skew, drag the sides or top and bottom segments, between the control points.

3. When you release your cursor, every drawing contained in the drawing layer you repositioned, scaled, rotated or skewed will follow the same transformation.

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