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Animating a Texture Override with a Peg

The advantage of being able to animate the texture is that it can be adjusted, scaled, rotated and translated to follow the general motion of a character if you want the texture to follow instead of having the character moving across the fixed texture.

1. From the Module Library view, drag a Peg module and drop it in the Network view.

2. Connect the Peg module in the Colour Override's middle port. The green port will take the transformation of the Peg to modify the pencil texture's position.
3. In the Network view, select the Peg module.
4. In the Advanced Animation toolbar, select either the Translate , Rotate or Scale tool.
5. In the Camera view bottom toolbar, enable the Render mode.
6. In the Camera view, move the Peg's position. As you move it, you will see the texture getting modified. You can animate the position by adding position keyframes in the Timeline view. You can use the Random Fill function to quickly create a random shake. See Pegs.