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How to Create Templates

You can create a template out of a layer or cells. You can store anything available in the Timeline view as a template.

Creating a template selecting a layer will incorporate the layer and all the drawings that were created in it, even if they're not exposed in the Timeline view. Selecting cells will only save those specific drawings in the template.

To create a template from the Timeline view:

1. In the Timeline view, select some cells or layers.
2. In the Library view, select the folder in which you want to store the template.
3. If the library folder is locked,right-click and select Right to Modify.
4. Drag the selection to the Animate Library folder or to any other library folder.

5. In the Rename dialog box, rename the new template.

If you want to rename a template once it is created,right-click on it and select Rename.

6. Click OK.

To import a template in the Timeline view:

1. In the Library view, select the template you want to import.
2. Drag the selected template to the Camera view or Timeline view's left side.

3. You can also drag a template to the Timeline view's right side into existing layers if the layer structure is the same as the existing one.