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Colour Display Modes

This section describes the colour modes.

Switching Between Thumbnails and List Display modes
Displaying Colour Values

The Colour view has two display modes:

List Mode
Swatch Mode

To toggle between the display modes:

1. In the Colour View menu, select Colours > Swatch Mode.
Enable the option to display the swatches.
Disable the option to display the colour list.

When using Toon Boom Animate, you can display the RGB values and names of your solid colour swatches.

This option is not available when displaying the colours in Swatch mode.

To display the swatch colour values:

In the Colour View menu, select Palettes > Display Colour Values.

The solid colour swatches’ RGB values will be displayed between the colour swatch and its name. The gradient colour swatches will be identified as (gradient).

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