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Setting Pivots on a Frame Range

If you are using the drawing pivots rather than the Rotate tool pivot and if some elements need the same drawing pivot, such as all of the three-quarter hands, you can select all of these hands cells and set the pivot all at once. If your pivot is already correctly set on your first drawing, copy and paste that pivot onto the other drawings in the Timeline or Xsheet view.

You must have the same drawing pivots on the extra parts from the same angle. If you substitute a drawing while the part is rotating, the animation risks popping out of place if the pivot is uneven.

To set the pivot on a frame range:

1. In the Timeline view, select the cell where you want to set the same pivot. The cells have to be part of the same layer.

2. In the Camera view, click where you want to the pivot to be. You can also drag the pivot marker to the desired location.

To copy and paste drawing pivots:

1. In the Drawing or Camera view, set the first drawing pivot of the series. For example, set it on hand-1.
2. In the Timeline view, select the cell that contains the correct pivot.

3. In the top menu, select Edit > Copy.
4. In the Timeline view, select the cell range that requires the same pivot.

5. In the top menu, select Edit > Paste Special or press [Ctrl] + [B] (Windows) or [⌘] + [B] (Mac OS X).

The Paste Special dialog box opens.

6. In the Paste Special dialog box, go to the Advanced tab.
7. In the Drawings section, enable the Update Drawing Pivot option.
8. Click on the OK button.
You can also copy and paste the pivot from one drawing to another using the keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl] + [C] and [Ctrl] + [V] (Windows) or [⌘] + [C] and [⌘] + [V] (Mac OS X) when the Drawing Pivot tool is active and the focus is around the Camera view.

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