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Break Down: Distribute to Layers

When breaking down your character, you can use the Distribute to Layers option to distribute the selected art strokes to a new layer each.

This feature will automatically take each stroke from the drawing selection made in the Camera view and separate them into different layers. If one of your puppet's part is composed of several strokes, you must group them using Edit > Group > Group before using the Distribute to Layers option. This option cannot be done in the Drawing view. It must be done from the Camera view.

To distribute to layers:

1. In the Tools toolbar, click on the Select tool.
2. In the Camera view, select the art strokes you want to distribute to different layers.

3. Select Drawing > Distribute to Layers. You can also click on the Distribute to Layers button in the Tool Properties view.

The number of drawing layers corresponding to different strokes or groups of strokes are created in the Timeline view.

The selected strokes in the original drawing layer will be removed.
Each stroke or group of strokes will be distributed into each new Drawing layer.

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