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Adding Effects Through the Timeline View

To add effect in the Timeline view:

1. In the Timeline view, click on the Add Layers button and from the Layers drop-down menu, select Effects > the desired effect. You can also select Insert > Effects > the desired effect from the top menu.

2. The effect appears in the Timeline view.
3. Drag the drawing layer on the new effect layer to parent them.

4. In the Camera view, click on the Render View Mode button to see the result of rendering the scene's current frame and the effect .
5. In the Timeline view, double-click on the effect layer to open the Layer Properties view.

The Layer Properties view opens, displaying the parameters available for the selected effect.

6. In the Layer Properties view, adjust the effect’s parameters.
7. In the Camera view, click on the Update Preview button to update the rendered preview.
8. To play back your scene with the final effects, in the Playback toolbar, click on the Render and Play button.
Once you have set the parameters for your effect, you can store it in the Library view as a template so you can quickly reuse it later on without having to set the parameters again.
Refer to Creating a Template to learn more about creating templates.