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Editing a Function in the Function View

The graph displays the motion over the first and last keyframes set in the scene, as well as any keyframes created between. If the scene is 60 frames, but the character's motion ends at frame 40, then the editor will only display up to frame 40.

To edit a function in the Function view:

1. In the graph of the Function editor, select one of the white keyframes. If selected properly, the keyframe turns red and displays a pointed yellow handle.
2. Click and drag the point either up or down or click and pull one of the handles to adjust the curve of the graph.

In this case, changing the velocity from a straight line (constant velocity) to a curved one, changes the ease-in (where the curve shoots up and then flattens-out) and ease-out (where the curve flattens-out and then shoots up) values.

The centre keyframe can not be dragged up or down because the velocity is set. Theoretically dragging it downwards towards zero would put it back to a place of non-movement.

3. Press the [Enter/Return] key with the Parameter window still open to watch the result of your curve adjustment in the Camera view.

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