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Filling a Selection Randomly

The Fill Cells Randomly option is used to fill in random values over a selection. You can give a maximum and a minimum value and create a range for the system to choose the random values from. The selection can be over one cell, a cell range in one column, a cell range over many columns or an entire column or several entire columns.

To use Fill Cells Randomly:

1. In the Xsheet view, select a cell range.

2. Select Animation > Cell > Fill Cells Randomly.
You can also click on the Fill Cells Randomly button available in the Xsheet View toolbar’s extra buttons.

The Fill Cells Randomly dialog box opens.

3. In the Minimum Value field, type a minimum value.
4. In the Maximum Value field, type a maximum value.
5. In the Hold field, choose an exposure holding value.
6. If you are applying this option to a drawing column, enable the Whole Numbers option to avoid decimal points.
7. Click OK.

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