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Extending an Exposure Sequence

You can extend and create a sequence using almost the same procedure as you would when you extend a single exposure. The only differences being that the selected cell must only contain numbers and that you need to press the [Shift] key while pulling down on the selection.

The creation of the sequence only works with numbers in the selected cell, not letters.

To create a sequence:

1. In the Xsheet view, select a cell containing a number.
2. In the selected cell, click on the red arrow on the cell’s right side. Make sure to see the drag down cursor.

3. Hold down the [Shift] key. Make sure a plus (+) sign appears.
4. Pull down the selection box to the desired frame.

The red selection box must be visible when releasing the mouse button. If it is not visible, the action is considered as cancelled.
5. First release the [Shift] key, then release the mouse button.

You can also select a cell and select Animation > Cell > Extend Exposure or press [F5]. In the dialog box, type the frame number you want to extend the cell to.

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