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Where to Start with Inverse Kinematics?

This section explains the basics of the Inverse Kinematics tool. IK works best when you lock a part of the character to the spot, such as a foot on the floor, then select the entire body or another extremity and move it.

To lock a part in place, you use the IK Nail option.

To use the Inverse Kinematics tool:

1. In the Tools toolbar, select the Inverse Kinematics tool or press [Alt] + [8].
2. In the Camera view, [Ctrl] + click (Windows) or [⌘] + click (Mac OS X) on a part of the body.

The entire IK skeleton appears.

3. Click on a part of the body and pull on it to move the character.

4. Hold down the [Shift] key and click on the pivot belonging to the part you want to lock in place.

5. Click on another part of the character and pull on it. You can [Shift] + click on a bone to lock the orientation of the bone.

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