Perspective View

The Perspective view is used during scene setup. Its main use is to allow you to see your multiplane scene’s orientation. The Perspective view is similar to a 3D display, as it lets you rotate your scene through all possible angles to understand the spacing between the elements. You can also position and rotate your layers and the camera inside the 3D display to achieve some 3D setup and camera moves.

Refer to the following sections of the 3D Space chapter to learn more about positioning elements in 3D space and creating 3D camera moves:

Positioning Elements in 3D Space
3D Camera Motion

1. The blue circle represents a rotation of the X and Y axis plane.
2. The red circle represents the rotation of the Y and Z axis plane.
3. The green circle represents the rotation of the X and Z axis plane.
4. This is a perspective grid reference.
5. The axis reference arrows let you maintain your orientation when navigating in the Perspective view.
6. There are three view option buttons displayed in the lower-left corner of the view.
Show/Hide Camera: Shows or hides camera frame in the Perspective view.
Reset View: Resets the Pan, Rotation and Zoom of the Perspective view.
Reset Rotation: Resets the rotation of the Perspective view.
7. This field displays the current zoom level in the Perspective view. You can use the Zoom level drop-down menu to select a specific zoom level from the list. Zoom levels from 2.5% to 6400% are available, you can also select Fit To View to automatically use a zoom level that lets you see all of your scene layers and information in the Perspective view at once.

8. This field displays the currently selected layer and drawing name.
9. This field displays the currently selected tool.
10. This field displays the currently selected frame of your animation.
11. This field displays the current position of your cursor inside the Perspective view.

To rotate a scene in the Perspective view:

1. In the Tools toolbar, select the Rotate View tool.

Click in the view, and drag your cursor around to rotate the view.
Press and hold [Alt] + [Shift] and click and drag to rotate the view one axis at a time.

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