Shift and Trace Linked Drawings

When using the Shift and Trace feature, you can link different drawings from the Drawing List so that they move together when dragging or scaling. These drawings can be from different columns in the Xsheet view. Bars in differing colours will appear beside the chain link icon to easily identify different linked groups.

To link your Shift and Trace Drawings:

1. In the Drawing view's Thumbnail area, display the drawings you want to use to perform your Shift and Trace operation.
2. In the Thumbnail area, hold down [Ctrl] (Windows) or [⌘] (Mac OS X) and select the drawings your want to link together.
3. In the Thumbnail area's toolbar, click on the Link Drawings button to link your selection.

A coloured bar and a link icon appear beside the linked drawings.

4. Enabling the Shift and Trace feature, move your linked drawings.

5. If you want to unlink your drawings, in the Thumbnails area, select one of the linked drawings and click on the Unlink Drawing button.

6. You can now move your drawings independently.

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