About Toon Boom Product License Activation

If you have purchased a Toon Boom product, you must activate it. To prevent unauthorized use of Toon Boom products, each product requires being activated with a valid software license in order to work.

Activating a product license is done using the Toon Boom License Wizard, an application which is bundled with your product.

If you purchased your product on the Toon Boom online store, you can activate it by using the email address and password used to log in to your Toon Boom account. If you purchased your product through the sales department, you can activate your product using the product code that was provided to you.

NOTE If you purchased a desktop subscription or a license upgrade, activating your product will require Internet access. Otherwise, if you purchased a perpetual license or a product code, you can instantly activate your product via Internet or, if you need to activate it on a computer that has no Internet access, generate an activation request, copy it to a computer with Internet access and send it to the Toon Boom support team via email. For information on how to do this, see Activating a Local License via Email if you purchased a local license or Returning a Server License via Email if you purchased a server license.