Returning a Server License

When you return a server license using License Wizard, it becomes permanently unusable. Hence, if you need to migrate your license server to another machine, you must contact the Toon Boom licensing department to plan the migration of your license server.

The migration procedure involves planning a date and time to return your current license, receive a new license and activate it on the new license server. It must be scheduled so that the new license can be provided right after the current license is returned without incurring downtime. The migration procedure is free as long as your current server license is not expired and as long as the new license is to have to shame expiration date and the same amount of seats.

To schedule the migration of a server license, please contact the Toon Boom licensing department at the following address:


Once you have scheduled your license return, you can, at the planned time and date, follow the steps in the one of the following sections to return your license: