soundColumnInterface Class Reference

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE QScriptValue sequences ()
Q_INVOKABLE String & column ()


String column

Detailed Description

scripting object to a sound column... Allow object oriented object interaction with sound sequence.

In Harmony, this object is created by the global scripting interface column.getSoundColumn( columnName );

In Storyboard, this object is created by the scripting interface SoundTrackManager.getSoundColumn( columnName );

It includes methods to iterate over the sound column content. At this moment, it cannot do any modification to the sound column.

Member Function Documentation

◆ column()

Q_INVOKABLE String& soundColumnInterface::column ( )

◆ sequences()

Q_INVOKABLE QScriptValue soundColumnInterface::sequences ( )

Property Documentation

◆ column

String soundColumnInterface::column