Chapter 2: Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5.1 (


Here are the new features, changes and improvements in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5.1:


Feature Description

Animating Layers

The new layer track in the Timeline view lets you set layer keyframes and navigate between them—see Animating Layers.

Moving Bounding Box Contents Without Selecting Objects

To make it easier to move selected objects without having to position the cursor over a stroke, you can set the Select Tool Bounding Box is Movable option in the Preferences dialog box (Tools tab). This lets you place the cursor anywhere inside the bounding box and move its contents. This option applies to these tools: Select , Select by Colour, and Cutter.

Export to Toon Boom

When exporting to Toon Boom, you can now set the sample rate, bit depth, channels, and file name pattern of audio files—see Export to Toon Boom Window.

Saving Projects as a Single File

You can reduce the number of files and protect the integrity of projects by saving (packing) the project in a single file. A packed project file is appended with the .sbpz extension—see Saving Projects as a Single File.

Storyboard Pro in Chinese and Japanese

Storyboard Pro is now available in Chinese and Japanese. The Getting Started Guide is also available in these languages.

PDF Export

Japanese-specific PDF export profiles were renamed and modified.


Fixed a crash which sometimes occurred when moving newly-added camera keyframes in the Timeline view.
Fixed an issue where the split menu entry was not disabled when the playhead was not over a valid panel. Using the command could cause a crash.
Fixed an issue where, in some specific cases, playing a project may crash the rendering thread.
Fixed an issue where dragging a 3D model from a library folder, other than the 3D Models folder, to the project created new models instead of reusing them properly.
Fixed an issue where bitmap layer templates created in Storyboard Pro 4.2 would sometimes not convert properly when used in the latest version of Storyboard Pro.
Fixed an issue where importing an image as a bitmap layer twice would result in a clone of the first image, not an import.
Fixed the Convert to Vector Layer and Convert to Bitmap Layer buttons as they were not working properly.
Fixed an issue where file names and expected file names were different when exporting a scene to Toon Boom with exactly 100 frames.
Fixed the exportToFCPXML script function so it can be called from the command line.
Fixed an issue where the compression type value was not retained in the video settings dialog box.
Fixed an issue where overwriting multiple sounds in the Timeline would resize and delete the wrong sound.
Fixed the colour of the timecode overlay that appears when moving a sound in the Timeline view.
Using the Split Panel at Current Frame option no longer enables animation on all the layers.
The Layers list no longer scrolls when there is a large number of layers in the list and the state of a layer is changed.
The Track Changes dialog box now displays line returns properly.
The loading and saving of pen styles is now more robust.
The list of Eraser presets has been modified.
The Export PDF and Export to Toon Boom windows were modified to fit a wider range of resolutions.
Fixed translation issues in the PDF export.
Fixed an issue where there were double drop-down menus when right-clicking on certain thumbnails.
Fixed an issue where .osb files could not be imported in the Chinese version of Storyboard Pro.
The help printed command line was updated to run with the -help option.