Generating Auto-Matte Layers


The Generate Auto-Matte dialog box enables you to quickly fill in sketch objects, hiding anything that is behind the object. You can create new layers by applying Generating Auto-Matte to selected vector layers.

When sketching characters with a background in Storyboard Pro, the characters need to be filled in to hide the drawing that is behind them. With sketches, using the Paint Unpainted tool is not convenient because of holes and lines in the drawing. Using the Brush tool with the Draw Behind option can be time consuming. Having the ability to automate this process speeds up storyboarding.

When an auto-matte layer is generated, all Source Layer parameters (Alignment, Export option, and Animation ) are copied to the matte layer except for opacity, which is set to 100%.

The name of the matte layer corresponds to the name of the source layer with added suffix "_Matte".

NOTE: For more information about the options, see Generate Auto-Matte Dialog Box.