QuickTime Sound Settings Dialog Box (Windows)

The Sound Settings dialog box allows you to set the audio compression settings when you want to export a QuickTime Movie (.mov) file.

Parameter Description


Allows you to select the compression algorithm to use the compress the movie's audio track.

NOTE It is recommended to leave this setting to None, as other formats are likely to sacrifice audio quality for negligible savings in disk space.


Allows you to select the sample rate, or frequency, in which to export the audio track for the movie.

NOTE Harmony cannot export audio at a higher sample rate than 22.050 kHz. If you select a higher sample rate, your project's audio will be upsampled, which means it will take more disc space without increasing in quality.


Allows you to select the bit depth in which to encode the audio track. This determines the amount of precision to record each wavelength in the audio track.

NOTE The standard bit depth is 16-bit. If you choose 8-bit, the amount of disk space the audio track of your movie file requires will be halved, but the audio quality will be significantly lower.


Allows you to select whether to export the movie's audio track using the Mono or Stereo channel mode.

NOTE Stereo sound has a separate track for the left and right speakers, whereas mono sound only has a single audio track for all speakers.