Export Soundtracks Dialog Box

The Export Soundtracks dialog box lets you export a sound file to use it in another application, such as an editing software. Harmony allows you to export sound files as a merged soundtrack or as a series of individual files. The exported soundtracks are generated as *.wav files.

For tasks related to this dialog box, see Exporting Sound.

Parameter Description


Lets you specify the location in which the file will be exported.

Export Range


Exports the sound over all the frames of your scene.


Sets the start and end frames in the corresponding fields on the right.


Process Soundtracks Individually

Each soundtrack from all layers is exported as individual files.

Merge All Soundtracks

One single file is created, combining all the sound files you imported in your scene. Note that it will only use the sound files in the selected frame range set in the Export Range section. If you selected to export all the frames, all the sound files will be processed.

Sound Settings


Lets you set the rate of the soundtrack.


Lets you export the soundtrack at 8 or 16 bits.


Lets you export the soundtrack as mono or stereo.