Creating a Dynamic Deformation

Since the Weighted Deform can use pegs as a deformation source, it also allows you to connect other nodes that work with pegs. An interesting combination is to use the Weighted Deform node with a Dynamic Spring node. The Dynamic Spring node is able to create a spring-like movement on a peg using tension and inertia. By rigging pegs used as deformation points for the Weighted Deform node to Dynamic Spring nodes, you can add a dynamic spring effect to individual parts of a drawing.

For example, if you rig fluffy hair with points to a Weighted Deform node, and add pegs to the Weighted Deform nodes so as to animate the individual points, you can rig Dynamic Spring nodes to each peg. The result is that, if you move the hair around in the scene, a follow through animation will be automatically generated, based on that movement, for the individual deformation point. The points will trail behind the rest of the hair, then overshoot, then settle, creating the illusion of realistic hair physics.

NOTE For more information on the Dynamic Spring node, see Dynamic Spring Node.