Creating a Drop Shadow

The Shadow effect converts the drawing layer it is connected to into a dark, blurry matte. You can control the type and amount of blur, as well as the colour of the shadow.

On its own, simply connecting a drawing or group to this effect will only convert your drawing to a shadow, which might not be useful. However, it is possible to make both the original character and its shadow version appear in your scene, and have the shadow version transformed and distorted to appear as a drop shadow. You can accomplish this by doing one of the following:

  • Cloning the layers or group. You can then add the effect to the clone, and add a peg on top of the clone to transform it.
  • Adding the layers or group to a symbol, then putting two instances of that symbol in your scene. You can then add the effect to one of the instances, and add a peg on top to transform it.
TIP When creating a drop shadow against a floor, you can obtain a more realistic effect by using a Quadmap to transform the shadow instead of a Peg. A Quadmap is similar to a peg, except that it allows you to apply perspective effect to the drawings underneath it—see Quadmap Layer.