Exporting a Game Character as a Rigged Sprite Sheets

The Export to Sprite Sheets dialog allows you to export your rig into a sprite sheet and its animation into animation metadata, in a package that can be directly imported into Unity using the Harmony package for Unity.

If you created the different animation clips in the same scene and separated with scene markers, all you need to do is open the Export to Sprite Sheet dialog and export your sprite sheet and animations once.

However, if you separated your animation clips by saving them in different scene versions, you will need to start by exporting the sprite sheet from your base scene, then open each scene version and export their animation clip one by one.

NOTEWhen exporting a sprite sheet, a Display node must be connected under your scene's main composite, and this display node must be selected as the current display. All scenes are created with a Display node by default, which is named Display. To make sure it is the current display, select Scene > Default Display > Display from the top menu. If the current display is set to Display All, the sprite sheets will not be exported.