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MessageBox Class Reference

Simplified MessageBox widget. More...

#include <qswidget.h>

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Public Slots

static QScriptValue information (QScriptContext *, QScriptEngine *)
 information box. One button, OK. More...
static QScriptValue warning (QScriptContext *, QScriptEngine *)
 warning box. Two buttons are Abort and Retry. More...
static QScriptValue critical (QScriptContext *, QScriptEngine *)
 critical box. One button, Retry. More...

Detailed Description

Simplified MessageBox widget.

MessageBox.warning(" This is a warning.");

Member Function Documentation

static QScriptValue MessageBox::critical ( QScriptContext *  ,
QScriptEngine *   

critical box. One button, Retry.

static QScriptValue MessageBox::information ( QScriptContext *  ,
QScriptEngine *   

information box. One button, OK.

static QScriptValue MessageBox::warning ( QScriptContext *  ,
QScriptEngine *   

warning box. Two buttons are Abort and Retry.

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