Creating a Full Character Turnaround Deformation Rig

Creating and rigging a full character turnaround is a complex process, but it can easily be achieved by following the step-by-step process explained in this chapter.

For a more simplified process, you can keep each view of your character separate on the Timeline or in the Network view. If you create separate rigs for each view, then you can simply turn on or off the exposure of each view in the Timeline when needed. In this case, you can simplify the process by not having to create posed deformers or use drawing pivots.

However if you want to keep the entire character, with all views, in one group/rig on your Timeline, then you can follow the process described here.

This section is divided as follows:

Preparing the Character
Enabling the Posed Deformer Preference
Renaming the Drawings
Rigging the Parts
Assembling the Parts