Assembling the Parts

After you have created all the deformation chains for your character, you will need to assemble these separate body parts into a puppet.

To avoid problems such as having the head stretched by the neck deformers or a hand modified by the neck and body deformers, it is recommended to put them on a separate layer. When they are on a separate layer, rig them using a Kinematic output coming directly from your Deformation group, instead of the normal hierarchy connection between modules. This will let you connect a part directly to it, so it will only be influenced by the position of its parent and not undergo any deformation. This is recommended as a method of optimizing the functionality of the puppet and also as a way of avoiding any unwanted distortion effects for any assembled parts.

When you have completed this process the body Deformation group should look similar to this.

And the final network should look similar to this.