Exporting and Importing Data

Exporting and importing from the Harmony Cloud is also an easy way to work from home in offline mode and then import your changes back into the Harmony database.

Using the Harmony Cloud module's export utility, you can migrate scenes from your system for archival purposes or third parties, and use the import utility to integrate scenes into a Harmony environment.

You can also copy scene data. This exported data can be downloaded through the Harmony Cloud interface to your local PC or you can store the exported scene in your Harmony Cloud user files for download access later.

Harmony Cloud creates two files during the database export process:

README.txt file (includes export statistics, such as creation date and user ID)
IEContents.dat file (includes export parameters)

Harmony Cloud creates one file during the offline export process:

IEContentsOffline.txt file (includes export parameters used to re-import data)
The exported package will be a compressed file in the zip format. You will need to unzip it prior to opening it in Harmony Stage.

When importing, Harmony Cloud expects a compressed file in zip format of either an individual offline scene or a package exported in database mode.

You must compress the package directory in zip format on your local machine before you can import it into the Cloud.

Troubleshooting Import or Export Problems

If you have any problems exporting or importing in Cloud, review the instructions to make sure you have followed them completely. If you continue to have problems, consult the following list to troubleshoot common import and export problems.

Import or Export Not Successful: If the transfer is not successful, an error dialog box appears to describe the problem. The most common reason for a failed transfer is due to your current network permissions. See your system administrator for help. If the transfer fails in the middle of the process, the files that were imported or exported may be corrupt or incomplete.
For a failed import: Use Control Center or Harmony Cloud delete the scene.
For a failed export: Manually delete the incomplete export folder.